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Supreme Computing Services is committed to assist clients in identifying core values to success by offering customized solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

We assist customers to identify, develop and implement security management solutions.

We partner with industry leaders in the computer segment, and attend regular seminars and training organized by our partners to maintain an up-to-date profile.

In year 2011, we focused more on green computing solutions and continued on our cloud computing initiative. Our goal is to provide a more complete suite of business web-based applications to the small and medium-sized business clients.

24 Years of Experience

Offering the best of breed solutions to clients with diversified requirements.

1 Primary Goal

Providing a realistic solution to customers as our first priority.

 Our Partners
Microsoft Registered Partner IceWarp Authorized Reseller SMB Specialist Partner Intel Technology Provider

Windows released their January's updates today. There are only 3 critical patches for this month including a .NET framework update, a Quality Rollup update, and the regular Windows malicious removal tool update. This update will take 1 hour to complete.

Kicking into a new year start, we have special pricing to SOHO & TZ300 models for SonicWall. Call us for more information. Promotion ends January 24, 2019.

Microsoft announced the EOL extend support as of Jan 14, 2020. We are now working with clients still running Windows 7 versions to migrate to Windows 10. Companies interested in the process are welcome to contact us at (905)305-6612 for more details.